Corporate Wellbeing Workshops

What we do

IME is a one stop solution for wellbeing initiatives.

IME work with a team of expert facilitators that live and breathe wellbeing and are leading practitioners in their fields, we will tailor our wellbeing workshops to meet your team and business needs. Choose from a 1-hour introduction, Lunch ‘n Learn or half-day or full day workshops or seminars

  • Mindfulness
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition & Cooking Demonstrations
  • Sleep
  • Resiliency
  • Business/Wellness coaching
  • Corporate retreats
  • Corporate Culture Change
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Conferences

IME is thrilled to be working with DHL on a Mindfulness program for their people. We had our first workshop in December 2020 and have more planned for 2021. #Excellence. Simply Delivered


A common definition of mindfulness is “moment to moment non-judgemental awareness.  It’s a powerful relaxation technique.


With the demands of the digital age, mindfulness gives us a powerful way to protect, manage and make the best of our minds and prevent them from being cluttered. 


Our specialist will provide the tools and strategies to help your people in the workplace to better respond to stress, build greater resilience and improve focus and clarity through mindfulness training techniques.


Our mental health workshops will help your people to better understand mental health, promote and protect mental wellbeing at home and in the workplace, enhance emotional, psychological and workplace wellbeing.


Our workshops are evidence based and delivered by clinical psychologists who will help you to improve awareness and management of mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Nutrition and Cooking Demonstrations

Inspire, motivate and engage your team to make healthy choices.  Our speakers will inspire your team to make a positive change by providing nutritional information and tips for healthy cooking, empower them to make wiser choices about the food they eat and how to maintain long-term change. We’re creating healthy journeys for a better life.


All the nutrition workshops have been created by Mission Nutrition, and are delivered by the Mission Nutrition team.  


These workshops will help leaders to gain skills and confidence in managing mental health in the workplace.

Leadership commitment and engagement is key to achieving an organisational culture that encourages and supports resilience and workplace wellbeing.


Our team will help you build tomorrows workplace wellbeing leaders today.