27TH – 29TH OCTOBER, 2023




Dirt World is a specifically designed facility owned and operated by Ben & Lucy Townley from 101 Adventures which is absolutely perfect for a kids camp with a wide variety of trails suitable for all levels. The tracks have been designed for all rider age groups and abilities. We have the sole use of this facility over the weekend and in addition to the existing tracks we create our own loops to cater for all our families and abilities. It will be a camp you won’t want to miss so we suggest you register early so you don’t miss out as spaces are limited!

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17th – 19th NOVEMBER, 2023




We are heading back to the same venue this season!
Feedback we received was so positive around this new venue that we will be heading back again for this season. We will be creating longer loops and even more variety for our families as we have an additional 200 acres to work with. We have a nice flat paddock to camp on plus there will be many different options for us on this farm - we can't wait to start setting up our trails! Previous events on this property include Bel-Ray events and the well-known Glen Murray trail ride so we are thrilled to be bringing this property to you again in 2023. Only 30 minutes from the Mercer turn off and 1 hour from Auckland CBD, the kids won’t be able to contain their excitement.

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12TH – 14TH JANUARY, 2024



A new venue this year which we are super excited about thanks to the Scott family.
An undulating farm with incredible scenery set on 2000 acres where we will create a wide variety of tracks and loops where riders can easily progress throughout the weekend. We will be adding a longer trail ride loop this year for all riders who are looking for more of a challenge with a real focus on ensuring that we have loops for all ages and capabilities. This camp will fill up fast due to its location, incredible peaceful setting and based on feedback from our previous camp. We can't wait to head back to this farm and see you all there.

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15th – 17th March, 2024




A brand new venue this year due to the Waimumu site preparing for the Southland Field Days.
We are thrilled to be heading to an amazing farm centrally located to Gore where we have so much opportunity to create new and exciting loops and trails over this incredible farm. We have also managed to bring this camp forward when it will be slightly warmer for all our campers. The team have already been out to the farm and have lots of great ideas about the loops to make it the best Soutlandland Kids Camp yet! There will be something for everyone offering an unforgettable weekend to families of all ages and abilities. We will be mixing up our trails by adding in some more challenging sections on the expert loop.
Get those registrations in early as we are limiting numbers to only 150 riders.
See you there.

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Yamaha Motor New Zealand (YMNZ) and Josh Coppins Racing (JCR) have partnered with IME Management to deliver kids camps for families across New Zealand between October 2023 and April 2024. Our goal is to create exceptional experiences for every family member that comes along at all times. There is no restriction on children’s ages if you are coming along as a family.


At each of our hand chosen venues across the country, there will be a minimum of four trail ride tracks suitable for every level of rider from very easy (beginner), to easy, to intermediate and to expert loops. Our focus is to ensure you all have a great time, learn lots of new skills, meet new families and learn to ride your bikes in a safe and fun environment.


Our coaching concept is all about learning as much as possible over the weekend, we offer coaching which is limited to groups of the same level riders. In addition to this we have our bLUcRU professional riders including Josh Coppins circulating all tracks over the weekend providing useful tips to riders – truly amazing to learn from one of the best in the world.


We also run a free Adults coaching session which is focussed on how you can help your child to be a more confident, safer rider. Our camps are open to ALL bike brands and the entire family is welcome to come along and ride over the weekend.  We have plenty of additional activities including colouring competitions, quiz night, mechanics workshop, running races, treasure hunt, lolly scrambles and plenty of prizes for everyone, and of course the unique opportunity to chat over the weekend with one of the best motocross riders in the world.


Thanks to Yamaha Motor New Zealand, we’ll even have a range of kids Yamaha demo bikes available for you to try over the weekend. We have no more than 150 registered riders at each two-day camp and this ensures that all riders receive a great one on one experience with our incredible team of experts over the weekend.


Showers and toilets will be provided during the weekend and we also have the highest level of Paramedics attend our camps.


It is a great weekend of fun for the entire family and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our kids camps this coming season. To register, please complete the kids camp registration form that is linked onto each camp date.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Virginia Henderson virg@imemanagement.co.nz or phone 027 5588662.


This is our third year delivering bLUcRU Kids Camps across New Zealand. We identified that there was a need to run smaller camps that are more personalised with a real focus on developing the skills of every child that attends our camps, and ensuring the entire family has a memorable, fun experience in a safe environment. We can achieve this with a limit of 150 registered riders attending each camp.


Our camps are held over a weekend, arriving from Friday afternoon, with two full days riding on a variety of Trail ride loops. The concept is camping with your own accommodation which can be anything from a caravan, tent, trailer, truck, motorhome, and some people stay at venues close by. You bring your own food and cooking gear, ideally a BBQ, plenty of snacks and water, and of course petrol as you will be amazed how many hours riding you do over the weekend. We have a kid’s BBQ on Saturday night after all the fun kids’ games which adults also enjoy, and this is a time to relax and get to know different families. We run a Quiz night or Q & A with Josh Coppins which is always lots of fun!


Our team arrives at each venue well in advance and sets up the Trail ride loops for the weekend which vary considerably from farm-to-farm dependent on the layout of the farm. We like to ensure the whole family can ride and there are up to five different tracks and trails that are colour coded for difficulty as per the below:


  • Blue – Mini Kids Track taped off and close to camp so you can watch your kids.
  • Green – Learners and Small Kids track about 1km long and close to the camp.
  • Yellow – Approx 5kms for bigger kids who want more of a challenge.
  • Red – A longer track approx 10kms long and still rideable by most riders.
  • Expert – We try and provide a longer loop approx 15–20kms for adults and more advanced children.


On Saturday we run a series of coaching sessions which need to be booked in advance as we try to ensure that riders are of similar age, ability and bike size for these 1-hour sessions run by our bLUcRU team. These one-hour coaching sessions have proved to be invaluable to children of all abilities. We are also extremely fortunate to have Josh Coppins helping out and providing one on one tips throughout the weekend to all riders.


Our camps are open to ALL bike brands and to the entire family – we have no age limit but do ask that adults and older children respect the fact that it is a Kids camp. Younger children are welcome to bring their push bikes as we have lots of options for them to ride these bikes at our venues and in most cases, kids enjoy each other’s company at the end of the riding day.


Our camps are unique in that we have the JCR full-time mechanic Nabe attending each camp and more than happy to help out where and if he can should there be any mechanical issues, and this is on any brand of bike. Nabe also manages the Demo fleet for us on Saturday where we have a range of Kids bikes for you to test during the day. All you need to do is book in a ½ hour slot on Saturday morning. This is a great way to get to know what bike your child likes riding and we have a team of experts including the local dealers that will be there to help you also.


It is truly a great weekend of fun for the entire family, you will meet new friends and it is a time for you to enjoy some time in the country together as a family.


Every camp venue is totally different and has a uniqueness to it.


A typical programme for one of our camps looks like the below:




4pm onwards - Arrive at camp and set up

5.00pm – 7.00pm - Rider sign on at Camp HQ

5.30pm – 6.30pm - Meet and Greet at Camp HQ




7.30am – 8.15am - Rider sign on (if you have not signed on the night before)

8.30am - Riders briefing (explains the tracks and any hazards on the loops)

9.00am - Tracks open

9.30am - Coaching sessions begin. Demo bikes available

11.00am - Mechanics workshop

2.00pm - Ride with Josh Coppins and photo opportunity

4.00pm - Tracks close

4.30pm - Evening activities including kids games, Quiz, running races, lolly scramble, sausage sizzle including a inspirational talk from Josh Coppins




8.30am - Riders briefing

9.00am - Tracks open

11.00am - Adults free coaching session

1.00pm - Prizegiving (including spot prizes and special camp giveaways)

3.00pm - Track closes


Q: Can you just come for one day?

A: Yes you can, you will just need to email virg@imemanagement.co.nz to arrange this


Q: Can adults ride with their children?

A; Yes, you can ride with your children or day or chose only to watch them if you cannot ride?


Q: Do we have to ride Yamaha?

A: Absolutely not! We want to see kids having fun on their motorcycles so are open to all brands (even though we are blue at heart).


Q: What age are the camps suited for?

A: We aim to cater for all ages so you can bring the entire family


Q: What level of experience do we need to have?

A: Any! Whether you’ve just bought a new motorcycle or have clocked up hours on your motorcycle, we have various length riding loops that cater to all level of riders from beginner to expert and suitable for all size motorcycles.


Q: Do I have to camp?

A: No you don’t - as long as you are there for riders briefing each morning, you don’t need to stay at the venue.


Q: What’s included in the cost for the camp?

A: We provide paramedics, toilets, showers, games & activities as part of our weekend programme. We also have kids demo bikes available to test on Saturday thanks to Yamaha Motor New Zealand. Depending on the camp location, we have extra entertainment such as freestyle shows too. We also have a free mechanics workshop thanks to Altherm JCR Yamaha and a free adults coaching session.



Option 1 – Download a form, fill it out and email back to Virginia Henderson virg@imemanagement.co.nz or phone 027 5588662.

Option 2 – Scroll down and fill out the online booking form. Once the form is complete make the payment to confirm your booking. Please fill in all fields and read all information carefully.  Any issues contact Virginia


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